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Intercessors Team

The Monroe Vineyard Church is a church plant of the Ann Arbor Vineyard Church starting in 2005. We are part of the Vineyard Movement started by John Wimber in the late 70's. We were called the Third Wave of the Holy Spirit and are empowered evangelicals believe that God works through His people today. We follow the Word of God, the Bible is the inerrant truth from God. We exercise and even rely on His gifts of the Holy Spirit to live our lives and help others to also do so.




We  have partnered with Vineyard Village, a 501c3 established to employ people in reentry or recovery and needing a job. Our Proof Of Concept is the Fresh Start CoffeeHouse sharing the space with the church and operating during the week.

Our mission is to love the people God brings across our path. That is the measure of our success. With the love of God and His power working in a real way through us and amongst us, we offer God's healing to all who have hurts, including ourselves. We want to become disciples of Jesus, people who learn what is important in life and then do those things. We exist to serve God, one another and those in Monroe. We also want to reach out to those in need, feeding the hungry, visiting the lonely, and providing family to those who need family. We want to be church, a family of God, in a real, non-religious, no hype way, loving and serving a real God as real people with real lives.

We are partnering with others in projects like the City Church Project to unify the efforts of all Christian churches in Monroe.


Senior Pastor Vic Holtz & Women's & Worship Pastor Paula Holtz are our founding church planters.


We are a church plant out of the Ann Arbor Vineyard Church in 2005. We opened in Cafe Classics coffee shop.

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A couple of years into the plant we moved to the IHM Visitation Barn.

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In 2009 we moved to the Harwood mall on LaPlaisance Road


We are a centered set church, unlike most bounded set churches. Bounded set church set boundaries and you are either inside following the rules or on  the outside and not part of the church. As a centered set church, we have Jesus as the center of our attention and you are either moving toward Him or away from Him. Our goal is to redirect or turn people toward Jesus for a new life in Christ's direction and love.

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In 2014 we moved to our current location in the second Harwood Ma;;. 14930 LaPlaisance Road.

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In 2020 we opened the Fresh Start CoffeeHouse in this same space.

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